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Mr. Dee-chords
Guitar Tutor
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  • Lectures 3 per week
  • Quizzes 1 per week
  • Duration 6 Months (minimum)
  • Skill level Beginner-Professional
  • Language English
  • Students 12
  • Assessments Yes
Course Description

Our Beginner Voice Training lessons will take you from the absolute basics of how to hold your notes, breath control and understanding your tonality. You’ll feel confident learning with our easy-to-follow lessons that build on your skills slowly, so you move on to the next level with ease.


1. Dee-chords Semester Evaluation Certificate.
2. Diploma Certificate upon completion
3. ABRSM AND MUSON exam certification in both theory and practical (voice).

Singing Fundamentals Level 1
Voice Training Fundamentals Course 1 will teach you the proper singing techniques one step at a time. In this course you will learn the absolute basics from how to sing at your keys to higer vocal range. We start you off with anatomy of the voice so you can sing easily in perfect pitches right away. We also discuss any roadblocks you might run into like singing offkey or singing offbeat, and how to overcome them. Study materials will be shared in classes with lot of vocal excersises to warm up your voice and develop your singing techniques.

Learning Outcomes
  • Over five (5) hours lessons of three (3) contacts per week.
  • Information packed training on proper singing techniques, expression and articulation.
  • Learning music theory, rhythm, how to read sheet music.
  • voice agility, pitch perfection, scales and melody development.
  • Ornaments and techniques (Riffs and Runs, Vibrato, Slurs, Vocal Fries, Breathing Technique, and Head Voicing).
  • Ear Training.
  • Rhythm.
  • Solo performance and Band exposures.
  • Personalize and group based projects and weekly assignments.


  • First Level
    • Lesson 1. Singing with Confidence
      Week 1
    • Lesson 2. Diction for Singing.
      Week 2
    • Lesson 3. Breathing Exercise.
      Week 3
    • Lesson 4. Posture Exercise.
      Week 4
  • Second Level
    • Lesson 1. Vocal Scales
      Week 4
    • Lesson 2. Vocal Techniques.
      Week 5
    • Lesson 3. Expressions.
      Week 6
    • Lesson 4. Voice Care Tips
      Week 7
  • Final
    • Part 1. Sight Singing (Harmonizing in SATB)
      Week 10
    • Part 2. Composing your Song
      Week 11
    • Part 3. Semester Examination
      Week 12

Complete PDF Curriculum is available in student's dashboard after registration.


Mr. Dee-chords
Guitar Tutor

Akinboyewa David Aka Dee-chords is the lead coach at Dee-chords Music Academy. As CEO and Director of studies, he is a certified Musician. A singer, song writer, composer and producer. His multi skillful playing of over 10 Musical instruments has earned him a lot of exposures as a Live stage performing and recording artist. He has staged many great concerts and have worked with several other noble Musicians in the industry locally and internationally. He currently directs music in about 8 schools and some pentecostal churches. He's happily married to Sophia Akinboyewa with two lovely kids. Bryan and Gianna.




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