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Dee-chords Music Academy is a popular music school that offers various courses and programs related to music education. They provide training in Music production, audio enginering voice training and various musical instruments like Guitar, Piano, Drums, Saxophone, Violin and many more. They also offer lessons in music theory, composition, and performance. The academy focuses on providing a holistic approach to music education and aims to nurture musical talent in individuals of all ages and skill levels. If you have any specific questions regarding the academy, Please
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Our Mission/Vision

Our Mission 1

To deliver music lessons that encourages strong work ethic and accountability.

Our Mission 2

Establish and teach classical and orchestra music to build teamwork and listening skills.

Our Mission 3

Deliver Music theory Lessons in order to drill students to think critically and apply new tools for creative self-expression.

Our Mission 4

Set up performance platforms to introduce the real-time aspect of overcoming anxiety and helps students develop the confidence and bravery necessary to present in front of an audience.

Our Story

Dee-chords® Musical Concepts is a private organization registered by the Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission to provide cutting edge services in music and entertainment business. In terms of training, performances, sales and rentals of sound equipments and musical instruments. We have operated professionally with clients and have impacted over 7,000 children and adults in the last 13 years of our quality service rendering. We have stayed consistent in business with a strong value system and commitment to our costumers. We also ensure that value is exchanged for money. These attributes have accorded us good business relationships and affiliations with professional music bodies and entities bodies such: The Musical Society of Nigeria (MUSON), The Association Board of Royal School of Music, UK, Trinity Academy, England, Amb. Wole Oni Empires, Bennett Ogbeiwi (Project Fame, Music Director), Prominent Gospel Artistes both home and aborad. In 2015, we had a recognition as a Global Brand Award winner in the Semi-finals of Entrepreneur's Organization, Canada. We currently run a Production Studio, An Academy and Sales department. Our objectives is to help discover and nurture creative talents in every aspect of performing arts and ensuring these talents are channelled to maximize opportunities and unlock their dreams to find fulfilment of purpose and calling in life. It is beyond the entertainment, but a Ministry. We are very keen on seeing these talents grow into stardom as we give our Artistes/students the appropriate concert and recital platforms to be recognized and appreciated. Our highly recommended profile and records of performance in secondary and primary schools for over a decade now has made Dee-chords Music Academy the most sought after in handling of schools music training. (i.e developing symphonic orchestra, and standard singing techniques among school children with our robust curriculum on sight reading and choir training for schools. It has been a life changing experience for many young people who have graduated under our tutelage into something more serious, many have grown to become professional musicians, Infact, many of our prodigies have taken these further into advanced music courses in the UK, Canada, Scotland, and are forever proud to associate with us as part of their success stories. See our Alumni Others have stood out in their careers to be courteous and responsible citizens, and a pride to their immediate family, their schools, the society at large and to God Almighty as they go about the worship of their maker with Godly and inspirational Music. Welcome to a family where your music dreams fly.

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The possibility for growth is very wide in the music industry and can offer an incredibly lucrative future for those looking to pursue music as a career, as a hobby or Passion. Welcome to a home where music dreams fly.

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